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In the 80's money was no object. With the 90's dot com bust and our current recession we live in a very different world. The old models are obsolete now. Still there are those still holding on stubbornly to the dead horse of yesterday's art world.

I invented The Scary-Art Collective out of necessity. There needed to be a revolution, a rebellion, something to resurrect the life back into art and rectify the failures, greed, blind stubbornness, and ignorance of the elite. With the Scary-Art Collective I've re-written the rules and brought a flame-thrower to burn the ol' art world's system down.

The Scary-Art Collective brings art again to the people. Anyone and everyone. Art anyone can afford, we sell to our own demographic. Rather than a industry that alienates their collectors - we alienated the industry. We show art in adult boutiques, tattoo studios, S&M clubs, gyms, coffee shops, bars, clothing stores, horror conventions, comic conventions, magic dinner theaters, movie theaters, warehouses, historical landmarks, fringe galleries, churches, banks and anywhere that will have us. We manage ourselves, maintain our independence, and are professional art vagabonds.

So we are scary, maybe not all in the dark and frightening sense but in reference to the threat we impose to the old way. Turning your back on your buyers is a poor business model. After all more people shop at Taco Bell than Tiffany's