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The Scary-Art F.A.Q. Page

Q: What is the Scary-Art Collective?
A: The Scary-Art Collective are collection of wild and talented artists who regularly show together in the Sacramento area. Though some shows reach as far as New York, the birth of the organization is Sacramento. The Scary-Art Collective was a name handed to us by Bodytribe's Chip Conrad. Chip gave Nicolas his start in the Sacramento area on October 8th, 2005's Halloween Show. Since then he and his work dominated midtown month after month, gallery after gallery. After a while Mark Fox, Temple Terkildsen, Cinder, Krissi Sandvik, and others found each other overlapping various shows. In time we became a functional family of artists, hence the collective. We've had many members come and go but our unique art and assorted talent has always been consistent.

About the collective - we put on huge Halloween shows every year, being a member there's no fee and you can participate as much or as little as you like - we just ask that you promote us with the same fervor that we promote you. All of us freely exchange art calls and none of us are competitive. Basically we're an art group of artists who've banded together to cement ourselves in out own piece of the art world pie.

Question: I'm an artist, how can I join?

A: You wouldn't invite someone you don't know to your house, neither would we. If you're around us enough, work well with us, leave your baggage at home, and conduct yourself professionally - you have a shot. Also we're workaholics, this isn't facebook, we're not interested in lookyloos or friend whores.  That's really it in a nutshell.

Q: If I'm a member can I belong to other groups?
A: Join all you want! Start your own! We haven't any weird ownership issues.
Question: Is all of your art Scary?
A: No, our art and artists are as diverse as we are
Q: Will every artist be at every show?
A: Each show is a free for all, artists may participate as much or as little as they want
Q: How can I find out about upcoming shows?
A: Check here Now Showing!