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Nik talks art and eats duck clavicles














The Madness of Charlie Sheen


What could possibly be crazier than Charlie Sheen? How about an art show inspired by Charlie Sheen? Hyaena Gallery's #WINNING takes the actor's madness into the realm of fine art, with paintings by local artists interpreting Sheen's rants. Must be seen to be believed: Chuck Hodi's zombified Sheen in charcoal and pastels; Sheen made up as Aladdin Sane, à la David Bowie album cover, courtesy Jim Wirt; and "Thundercat," Nicolas Caesar's acrylic-on-canvas take on the self-proclaimed tiger-blooded Adonis. Also on exhibit: Jeff Rebner, Jeremy Cross, Donnie Green, Jessica Ward, Chris Mann, Lou Rusconi, Aidan Casserly and Kit Cameo. Duh! Winning!
Sat., April 2, 8 p.m., 2011







Scream 4 Exclusive: Nicolas Caesar reflects on the 'Art of Stab' (plus new production revelations)

  • November 9th, 2010 7:00 am ET
The 'Art of Stab'--commisioned for, and inspired by, Wes Craven's Scream 4--at the Hyaena Gallery.

Photo: Nicolas Caesar

Today, Scream Franchise Examiner has an exclusive retrospective on the ‘Art of Stab’ opening reception written by Nicolas Caesar (including personal photos, which can be viewed in the slideshow below)—and a recap of the Scream 4 dirt that was dished that night.

The ‘Art of Stab’ exhibit features works commissioned for, and inspired by, Wes Craven’s Scream 4 (and the film-within-a-film Stab franchise). The items will be on display at the Hyaena Gallery (Burbank, CA) through November 15th. This unique and highly sought after artwork is available for purchase, and a few pieces have yet to be spoken for. You can view the remaining items—which include rare production memorabilia—here.

A special note from project manager/curator Nicolas Caesar:

Right now I have a 6 pack of Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale and 2hrs of sleep. Unpacking my bags there's a tiny wooden box containing 1 piece of fossilized dinosaur poop, a gas station bootleg transformer robot, and a guest pass for Universal Studios City. I sang When The Lion Sleeps Tonight with drunken Hungarians, unintentionally crashed a Japanese wedding party, and spent some time with the largest Bob's Big Boy statue I've ever seen, but things didn't get weird until I got to Hyaena. Walking though Hyaena's doors is the looking glass of the unexpected. I always make it a habit to get a drink when I'm down there with Jim Smith (the co-creator of Ren and Stimpy). We talk old cartoons, watch fashion shows on TV at the Olive, and I even hired him for some doodles. Jim Smith is the Tom Waits or Sam Spade of cartoonists. He's seen and been through it all and he has stories. Heavy jack-hammer to the chest stories. Every time I sit with him I feel like the plucky doe-eyed Ed Wood looking at Bela Lugosi. It's really rare you can have a beer with your childhood hero. And next to him stood John K., another hero that I'm not afraid to say I still can't pronounce his last name. I have a history with Jim but John K?? "Sh*t! What do I say? What do I talk about?? Bob Clampett's great?!? Yeah everyone knows Bob Clampett's f-ing great. Hey man, I really admire you for the big cartoon revolution with Mighty Mouse where cartoonists took control of the cartoons and for once every cartoonist that hated making terrible He-Manish cartoons could express themselves creatively for once and without censors?". I had too much to say and ended up saying something like "You're F-ing John K!". Also in attendance were Aidan Casserly of Scapula fame, Clint Carney, musician and mega-artist, representatives from Bloody Disgusting, serial killer portrait artist Chuck Hodi, the amazing and mysterious Spinesteater, dark-ride style artist Thomas Zimmerman, Rick 'Big eyes' Dienzo, Lola Pop, Char Hall, painter of awesome, and pin-up model Jenna Benet Ramsey . Skip Crank was the rock star of the evening. He humbly took every question and gave every fan 110%. Regardless of how heavy Skip's resume is he makes the time to talk to everyone one on one and everyone says the same thing "I can't believe how down to earth he is". Skip has worked with everyone in the industry and is always on high demand because of that same reason. He listens, takes the time out for everyone, and is possibly one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. And the anchor in the chaos is one Mr. Bill Shafer who's shop Hyaena is the equivalent of Malcolm McClaren's Sex that launched the punk scene of the 70's. You'll find no Bay City Rollers at Hyaena! It's the gallery that's anti-gallery. The artists who exhibit there are in the fringe, the perverse, and the untamed. While other galleries still dry-hump the top 40's, Hyaena is the grindhouse, the gutter, and the exciting. Nevermind that it's a gallery where anyone can actually afford art - it's the gallery that every other gallery will copy 5 years down the line. The MOMA has Tim Burton, Hyaena has Scream. I think that says it all. For all of us who grew up on creature features, EC Comics and slasher movies - we finally have a place for it all. And I think that's the impact of the show. The chocolate and peanut butter marrying our past, present and the future of Horror. All the artists were kids who stayed up late watching monster movie marathons - now we stay up late making art for them. Full circle.

If you missed SFE’s interview with Scream 4 Prop Master Skip Crank (which included his personal production photos), read it here.


Meanwhile, was on the scene at the Hyaena Gallery for Saturday’s opening reception and scored some face-to-face time with Prop Master Skip Crank and Special Effects Makeup Artist Gary Tunnicliffe, both of whom dropped a few tantalizing details. Here are the highlights…

Skip Crank:

We got a little bloodier on this one, a little bit more intense.

Everyone wanted to be in it. There were people calling saying, 'I wanna do this'…of course, everyone wanted Matt Lillard back in there, and Jamie Kennedy, and how can we get this person to come back?…there are a lot of people in the film that show up that nobody knows about. It’ll be a big surprise.

There are a lot of pictures out there that have people speculating…and that’s exactly what we intended to do. So you think you know what’s gonna happen, but you’re wrong.

Gary Tunnicliffe:

Every time I walked on set, the camera crew would go, 'oh, no'", he said with a gleam in his eye, referring to the copious amounts of fake blood he was tasked with "distributing" for the kill scenes. "All [of them] would look down and see what shoes they were wearing that day. Like, 'are my sneakers going to get ruined?' And then of course they would begin binding [everything in] plastic…like, 'Where’s it gonna go, where’s it gonna spray? Is it gonna get in my hair?'

These were practical locations…these beautiful real homes. You imagine taking an orange juice carton and cutting the top off and then [makes the motion of spraying fake blood all over the room]. And that’s what it does, in your house. And it goes everywhere…a few times people who owned the houses came by and were a little perturbed.

I mean, a couple of times we thought…'Scream 4' [should be] one of those horror movies where it’s like crazy amounts of blood. And Wes was like, 'yeah, that’s a cool way to go.' Almost like 'Kill Bill', [but] we didn’t go that [far]. We still kept it within the realm of reality.

I know for a fact that one thing the MPAA always really hates is prolonged suffering. And there’s a couple of [kills in the movie]…that [are] like a five minute death scene. They go on forever, and ever, and ever.

From Bloody Disgusting’s Chris Eggertsen:

Luckily Tunnicliffe just so happened to have behind-the-scenes photos from the set on his iPhone to show me - including several super-grisly shots of a suburban living room positively covered in blood (in one photo I could clearly glimpse a man's legs dangling from the living room ceiling; another depicted the body of one of the film's young female characters splayed out grotesquely in her bed, in a visual that eerily reminded me of a real-life crime scene photograph). Turns out what I was seeing wasn't a set but rather a real home in Michigan that had been rented out for the production.

Sounds like a bloody good time, no?

That’s all for now, Screamers…


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Scream 4 Exclusive: Prop Master Skip Crank & friends reveal the 'Art of Stab' (A Q&A/photo gallery)

  • November 5th, 2010 6:59 am ET
The Hyaena Gallery will host an opening reception for the 'Art of Stab' (Scream 4) on Saturday night


Today, Scream Franchise Examiner has a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘Art of Stab’—including an exclusive interview with Scream 4 Prop Master Skip Crank, who shares never-before-seen production photos from his personal collection. (See slideshow.)

The “Art of Stab’ consists of artwork made for and used in the film Scream 4. These original and inspired pieces are currently on display at the Hyaena Gallery (located at 1928 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank, CA), where they will remain through November 15th. The gallery will be hosting a special opening reception on Saturday night (November 6th) from 8 PM until midnight. This event is free and open to the public—and promises a deliciously diabolical experience for all.

From the Hyaena web-site:

An exhibit of killer art inspired by and commissioned for the new movie Scream 4 (currently in post production). These pieces are featured in a major scene in the film and will blow your mind when seen on the big screen. Also in this exhibit, Skip Crank will present a wide range of Scream props that span the franchise...with a few special surprises and exciting finds on display and for sale!

Readers can view and purchase the artwork by clicking here.

Now, a special note from the ‘Art of Stab’ project manager/curator, Nicolas Caesar:

It's very rare that you get to work with your friends. Skip and I both share a playful relationship with the macabre as well as an obsessive, relentless work ethic. We've hammered a reputation in the industry for accomplishing miracles under backbreaking timelines. We can produce quality work almost out of thin air to meet any film's budget or challenge. When Skip suggested Scream 4 have 'fan art' - Wes loved the idea. Skip passed the idea to me and Bill at the Hyaena gallery and I found myself project manager/curator soliciting and arsenal of heavy-hitting artists in the dark art genre. I wanted to create a rainbow of wild and untamed expressions from the cartoonish work of Big Tasty and John Hageman jr to the raw feel of Mim Weisburd and Temple Terkildsen to the pretty of Char Hall, Dienzo, Clint Carney and Broken Toyland to the strange of Patricia Anders, Nine Kempf, Christine Benjamin and Jeremy Cross. Everyone gave 110%. Chris Cinder, Trina Merry, RT Vegas, Sean Madden, and even Strephon Taylor (of famed Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids). Dan Harding and DW Frydendall just made AMAZING work. My wife spent hours sewing Stab-Crows. And if it sounds like I'm name dropping - I am because everyone made such a wild and distinct body of work it deserved it show at the famed Hyaena Gallery. You never know who'll walk through Hyaena's doors and who he'll introduce you to next. Hyaena makes artist wrangling easy. It's your one stop shop for dark art, pin-ups, and everything bad taste. When you watch Scream 4 and get an unsettling feeling that you can't put a finger on hopefully we've done our job adding just a little bit more weird as you travel through the slasher's looking glass. Saturday will be an amazing show, not for the art being in the film but because the art was created by the film.


And finally, Prop Master Skip Crank takes readers behind-the-screams…

1) You are a Prop Master for SCREAM 4. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got the job and what your responsibilities include?

First of all and most importantly, as a Prop Master I do not work alone. I work with, and have worked alongside, Prop Master JP Jones. JP and I have been working on films together for over 10 years. It was JP who introduced me to Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson on the first SCREAM film. We have done all four SCREAM films together, both fabricating and procuring the props for those films as well as most of Wes Craven’s other films. I can say that there are no two people I enjoy working with more than JP Jones and Wes Craven.

The job of Prop Master is a lot more complex than it seems. We start by reading the script and breaking down each required prop for each scene, which is a task in itself. A "prop" is considered anything that a cast member or actor handles or uses during any given scene. This can also include watches, rings or jewelry, and requires meeting with the director as well as each actor to decide what prop is best suited for each scene. Also included is making sure each prop is correct for the time period. This can be anything from a gun or knife, to a cell phone or briefcase. Another important part of the job is maintaining prop continuity. This keeps me on my toes because most films are not shot in scene order... Think about trying to keep track of blood stains and blood pools in a Wes Craven film, and you get the idea.

2) Since the movie represents a new generation, can viewers expect to see new gadgets for Ghost Face & Co.? If so, are you allowed to divulge any details? (If not, can you tell us what kind of effort goes into maintaining secrecy on such a high profile project?)

Yes, it’s true that it is a new generation; therefore there are many new faces as well as the surviving cast members. Wes has a wonderful fan base among audiences as well as actors, so getting together a great group of wonderful, familiar, popular actors was very easy for the production and casting. Let’s face it: Everybody wants to be in a Wes Craven film. In fact, Wes was the one responsible for getting me into SAG by giving me parts in both CURSED and RED EYE. Who knows--you might even catch me in SCREAM 4... I'm not saying a word, just wait and see the movie!!!

As far as Ghost Face and gadgets--that is information I cannot divulge. Let’s put it this way: Ghost Face is Ghost Face. He has become as iconic as Freddy Krueger or Norman Bates--the site of him strikes fear in the hearts of many.

As for maintaining secrecy during production, only a few complete scripts were handed out to those Wes felt needed them. In fact, a lot of the cast members were not aware of what we would be shooting on any given day....

In addition, all script pages were collected at the end of each day of filming and destroyed. There were even several versions of "fake" scripts printed and in circulation, to throw off any unauthorized distribution. We're talking top secret CIA government tricks here, like some James Bond shit... We take the secrecy and element of surprise very seriously, and it’s very guarded.

3) How has the ‘Art of Stab’ been incorporated into SCREAM 4? Can you tell us about the atmosphere of the infamous ‘Stab-A-Thon’ barn scene and how the art adds to that?

The Idea for the art in SCREAM 4 came about early during pre production, when Wes suggested that since a decade has passed story wise, the STAB franchise has grown similar to the popularity of the SCREAM films. So, it would stand to reason that there were Stab fan bases, memorabilia as well as poster and even fan painted art. I myself being an artist, and knowing many artists and SCREAM fans, contacted Nic Caesar of Scary Art and Bill Shafer Of Hyaena Gallery whom I have used on various other film projects and said, "Put the word out and let’s see what we can come up with.” Well the result was fantastic! I had no idea so many artists would be interested. The art was not made for any specific scene, nor did any of the artists know where it would be used, as the script was, and still is, a complete secret. So I will say all of the art was used in one scene or another, but cannot comment on as to where, or the context of how, it was used. I myself also created many art pieces during the making of the film, as was needed or requested by Wes or JP. JP also created some fantastic props on the spot as Wes is well known for coming up with wonderful Ideas at any given time and saying, "Hey Skip, JP, can you guys come up with a (fill in the blank)?” And naturally we would do it. There is never a dull moment in a Wes Craven film....

As for the infamous "Stab -A -Thon,” again I cannot comment. We'll just have to wait till the film comes out on 4/15/11 and see. BUT I guarantee that you will be both thrilled and entertained by what
Wes has come up with...

4) In addition to art work, the exhibit will feature props and other goodies from the film. What can attendees expect to see on display?

Yes, there will be props from several of the SCREAM films. A costume has been loaned from production, and there will be several variations of knives used in the films, as well as screen used props and various masks. People will just have to come see for themselves. But I will guarantee this: there will be nothing on display or talked about in any way that would divulge any details or plot lines that will give away any of the story or secrets of SCREAM 4. But it will be both entertaining and fun, so "come on down and join us"....


With special thanks to Bill Shafer of the Hyaena Gallery for his enthusiastic support and championing of today’s column. Also, mad props to Skip Crank and Nicolas Caesar for their generous contributions of time and thought…


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