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"You do this for a living?"


Yes, I'm a fulltime artist


Do you charge for international shipping?




"Who are your influences?"


Artistic influences include but aren't limited to: Parsonovich, Edward Gorey, John Kricfalusi, Jim Smith, Alex Toth, I, Braineater, Gahan Wilson, Ralph Steadman, Screamin' Mad George, Basquiat, Duck Edwing, Charles Addams


"Do you do custom work?"


 I encourage interested parties to consider commissioning pieces to their exact specifications. It is very exciting to have artwork made by request. I find that collectors enjoy participating in the creative process by providing input on what they would like to own. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning works please contact me.


"How Long Does it take you to make a painting?"


48 hour turnaround time.


"Where do you get your ideas?"


Creature Features, Horror Comics, Weird Cartoons, Monster Toys and vintage advertising.


"Can I get a tattoo of your art?"


Sure, just email me a picture of it!



My Mom asked me again today. "So what type of job does Nik have?" He's an Artist. He is one of the few who actually sells his work. Maybe she will remember. Anyway, I Really admire his drive and determination. I am also so glad he is my Son in Law.

- Joe Cuen Beltran Rose



"What do you use?"


I use sponge brushes, acrylic paint, and sharpie poster paint pens. On occasion I like to remix Thrift Store paintings.




Is left-handed

Self-Taught Artist

Nicknamed 'The Factory' by fellow artists

Founded The Scary-Art Collective

Has both PTSD and ADHD

Nik is partially colorblind.

Is the webmaster for The Son of Ghoul, one of the last TV horror hosts still on the airwaves

The unofficial artist for Phone Losers of America and Prank Call Nation.

Curated and created art for Scream 4

Was a tour guide at the Winchester Mystery house in San Jose, CA

Played Mothra and Captain Spaulding for Thrillville at the Parkway Theater

Played a zombie in the film Zombie Sperm

Frequent TV appearances of The Bay Areas Creepy Kofy Movie Time.




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