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Art Created for the film Scream 4

"Stab Serpent"
by Nicolas Caesar
"Stab Scream"
by Nicolas Caesar
by Clint Carney
"Screaming On the
by Rick "Dienzo" Blanco
"Voices Behind the Mask"
by Char Hall
"Little Saint Stabby"
by Jeremy Cross
"Skull Scream"
by Christine Benjamin
"Free Stabbings"
by john Hageman Jr.
"Stab Approaches"
by Sean Madden
"Stabby Stabby"
by Temple Terkildson
by Cinder
by Strephon Taylor
"Goodbye Brian"
by RT Vegas
"Bloodiest Stab"
by Nina Kempf
"Scream 4 Ghostface"
by Tricia Anders
By Dan Harding
"Rage In Scarlet"
by D.W. Frydendall
"Screaming Stab"
by Mim Weisburd
"Stab Meat"
by Big Tasty
by Dale Da Painta
by Big Tasty