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Thomas Nola's Griffin from the controversial and eerie 'The Doctor'.

I made this as a surprise for my good friend Thomas Nola. Thomas Nola is only compared to filmmakers such as Crispin Glover or David Lynch because what he does with film has not been done before and the audience usually walk away debating what they saw. Nola assaults the synapses like a serial killer, sparring nothing, uprooting your stability and smashing them about like a rag doll.


The Doctor revitalizes cult and art films by orchestrating chaos into a slow drink. His films are not for the fragile. At the premiere of The Doctor I watched people leave in disgust, horror, and some in awe. Some films make you think, this film traumatizes you with the beauty and ugliness of mankind.


Nola made a name for himself with his first film 'Jack', which starred mostly puppets and stuffed animals. I wanted to create a stuffed animal rag doll version of one of his creations. It even wears combat boots.





Thomas Nola's Griffin