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Nicolas was born January 8th, 1973 in Santa Clara California. He was always an outsider. Asthma kept him indoors most of his childhood where he spent his time watching Creature Features and drawing monsters.

In his teen years he was a metal head, a punk rocker, a rivethead. Monsters, mutants and vampires went hand in hand with the music he embraced and the scene he found acceptance. 


In the 90's he started working for bands making creatures for their stage shows. Soon Nicolas Caesar was showing his art regularly at Bay Area goth /industrial / bondage clubs. His life sized sculptures made from scrap metal, broken umbrellas and skeletons helped him make a name for himself.


In 2006, Nicolas tried his hand at painting and showcased his work along with his comic books at The Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. They were a hit! Soon they took him to Sacramento where his art dominated the city along with artists like Chris Cinder, Jared Konopitski, Char Hall, John Hageman and more.


He later formed the Scary-Art Collective, the artist version of the Rat Pack, born out of Bodytribe on J Street and blossomed in galleries all over the US. The roster changed and evolved over the years and was the lanching pad for talent.


Nicolas later teamed with Hyaena Gallery who's owner / creator Bill Shafer nurtured Nicolas' more wilder side. Nothing is off limits and Hyaena Gallery maintains to this day to be the premier gallery for Unpop, lowbrow, pop surrealism and dark art.


Through Hyaena Nicolas was able to curate the art for the motion picture Scream 4, having a reputation for thriving under pressure. Nicolas was able to keep up with the director from a previous film changing his mind every 5 minutes. At one point Nicolas pretended to be 10 different artists as other artists dropped out.

Nicolas Caesar has had over 300 art shows, has sold over 3,000 works of art, and continues to show his work worldwide. His craft is always changing as he experiments more and more with a variety of styles and mediums.


Nicolas currently lives in California and is married to photographer Sarah Karas. He collects monster toys, ventriloquist dummies, bad horror movies and art from other artists. They have a dog named Jones.


His art has been featured on book covers, comic books, T-shirts, Skateboards, DVDs, movies, TV, Bars, Restaurants, Podcasts, prank call shows and more.


Nicolas is a member of:


The Church of the Subgenius

and the

Universal Life Church


Nicolas Caesar's art on Creepy Kofy Movie Time

Photo by Blossom McCoy

Nicolas Caesar and Creature Feature's Bob Wilkins


Don Chin, Creator of Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, Eclipse Comics




Work in the Hyaena Gallery: