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It's always charming and amusing when people tell me from their armchair that I need to charge more for my art. I'm flattered but if it was about the money - I'd never would have pursued a career in art. I've said it before, it's more important to me that my art be in every house next to the TV than in some vault. Buried. Money to me doesn't mean respect. Being someone's first art purchase does. I have a sickness. If you laid down 200 canvases I'd obsessively make 200 paintings. I never struggle with ideas, just being compared to someone I'm not. I've sold over 3,000 pieces. I hope to sell a million more because I meet some great people doing what I do. I pull allnighters. My office consists of galleries, bars and comic conventions. I paint in my underwear. But most of all people are able to own original art who might not have otherwise. So fuck it, why fix what's not broken?


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