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What people are saying:


"M&S rules your ass. and possibly the rest of you too..."

- Jeremy Cross, artist


"i thought i knew what

art was...i thought i knew what life was for, turns out i knew neither until the veil was lifted and my eyes were open to what was possible. Thanks Nic for grabbing me by the shirt and shaking me awake. Now if you have any idea how i'm supposed to return to the real world without complaint i'm all ears!" 

- Balrok, TV20's Creepy KOFY Movie Time


Without M and S I would have never discovered that MY penis had worms! 

- No Name, Live 105


"If You're the kind of person that when they see two bums on the street fighting over a bottle of liquor films it with your camera to put on youtube instead of calling the police or breaking up the fight this is the comic for you! Mosquito and Spider is a poop filled romp through drunkenness, violence and often incomprehensible humor that is sure to entertain that savage part of your brain that you would never tell your mother about.
-Michael "Muffin" Adam, Writer: Bonjour LeMuffin, and Bakerville


Nic Caesar is an unsung artistic genius. I'm joining the growing chorus of fans who want to change that tune.

- Will "the Thrill" Viharo, Writer


This is HILARIOUS!...LMFAO!...

-Ari Lehman, Jason Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th


"This book caused my anus to clench."
-Angus Oblong


Mosquito and spider make me laugh and cum at the same time!

- Damian Crowley, Taffy Puller

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