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Collector Comments:

The painting came is so beautiful!!! Rockets going to love his gift from Santa..Ty so much again... N

- Nicole Withers


I got it! I love it! It's gonna make a great present, unless I decide to keep it for myself. :)

 - Jeannine Edwards Stambaugh


I'M IN LOVE!!!! My painting from Nicolas Caesar arrived today and it's better than I could have ever imagined!!!!!!! What an awesome artist. Can't wait to order my next in the Bowie series;)

- Anna Sharp


Hello Mr. Caesar!

I received the package yesterday and what a wonderful surprise! THANK YOU so much for the piece I ordered and for the other bot you included. It is very generous of you and I appreciate it.

 - Susana


*Dude!* Just got back and found your package in the mail. Seriously, thanks so much! This is an amazing collection of original art. I'll be framing and matting as many as I can possibly fit on my wall. Cheers!
- Anthony Rapino
We got your monster painting in the mail this weekend! Thanks So much.. it is going up on the little ones wall with the rest of the friend and family collection. I love it! Thank you!!

- Corissa Hinkley


 I meant to write you back - fucking love it!!! I am soooo stoked!! I have a place for it in mind :) You are the bestestestest!!!!!
- Rimma F. Dreyband
Got my painting! So much more awesome in person! I want more!

- Eric Tolles


Got the painting! Even my boyfriend thinks it's boss. Can't wait for the recipient to get it and shit her pants!
- Chris Martinez


Nic, I rec'd the pieces safe and sound. I'm pretty well floored by the "Devil Fortune Machine" of my favorite Zone episodes, and you capture the spirit beautifully. You, sir, rawk. Thank you sincerely, and know that your work will hold an honored place in my collection and gallery. Cheers! I hope to display my own work alongside yours someday. :)

- Matthew Dean Hill


The package arrived today!!  Yay!   They look even more awesome in person.  Love them.

- Kristine Munroe-Mahoney


Loretto was floored and happy as hell to get Body Beneath--Thanks Nik, you're the BEST!

- Jim Miller


ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR ART! =) I hung it up RIGHt after I opened it.. looks so cute right above babys crib... Will for sure be needin more of those! =P Thank you so much muh dear, we really do love it! will be great to have such a cool thing forever. =) You Rock!



OctoPussy hangs proudly and prominently in my living room. Ever since, I've been sleeping on my couch just so I can wake up to it's eerily penetrating gaze and creepy smile--it always gets my day off to a perfect start! Everyone who sees it, loves it!



Gottem today, thanks for the extras!

- Jay B.


I received the artwork and I love it.  Thank you very much!

-Joshua Z


Nic, I put the "good zombie" pic you painted in the Wyoming Art Symposium teacher raffle. This is a state wide event and the art is very stiff and conservative. I personally put your painting right in the middle of all the stiff dead work. It was impressive! I personally watched highschool kids go buy tickets hopeing to win your painting. I even had other teachers come up to me and ask about it! Kudos buddy!


I just got home from a few days away for work and the wife saved the package so I could open it up! Mr. Lizard is great!! My 2 year old has called dibs for her bedroom! She saw the piece, said 'My dinosaur.' and her mind was made up!
Thanks for the great drawings included, Nik!! They are all prized work. I'm already wor...
king out where to put 'em!!! Your art livens up my household. Thank you for that, sir! No joke. Be well, brother!

-Bill Trujillo


I got them! my co-workers were jealous ;)
-Michelle A. Barbaria
Producer- LiveWire!
Co-Producer- Listen Up!  Sacramento


I just wanted to say thank you for Bad Pumpkin and the Poison Apple...I love them!! =D



Hey! I bought Junk Servo from you. It came in the mail on Monday. I love it. Just wanted to write and say thank you. I also liked the little postcards that were in the box, I used one in a paining a did last night. Thanks again and I will keep an eye on your new stuff! Later.


Just got Swamp Skeleton in the mail today! Thank you so much for the smooth transaction. He is very appreciated and has already made it onto the wall in my bedroom =) Thanks again! I look forward to your next set of creations!



I just received my LOVELY and AWESOME painting!
Its already hanging proudly in my foyer
Cheers brother
-Jeremy Cross, artist


hey nik- received "sperm ghost" today. both my wife and i agree that it's better in person and we like it even more ! thanks for the bright spot in a rather crappy friday workday .

 peace .

billy jones -


i owe you a big thank you but i suck. the pieces are incredible and i am so impressed by them. The wood pieces are by far my faves- the texture~! ah the texture! I need to plot out the right places for them but I just wanted to say thanks and I love the shrunken head piece- that was one of the ones i wanted! - Bastet2329


Thank you, thank you!
I got my painting today and it is awesome!
Thanks again so much!

- Georgia




Nik, Hey, I just want to tell you again how much I adore my shrimp piece :~). The colors of blue you used are so vibrant and I just love the skulls floating in the background. It's just such an amazing piece and I really appreciate the heart you put into it! Have a great weekend!


WOW!! Excuse my French but I fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!! I can't thank you enough Nic, this is really fabulous! Speechless really.

I just wanted to thank you again for your painting "poo can play at that game". I have it in my back room, and it gives me a chuckle every time I see it.
Best of wishes,



Loving my new painting I got in "Wonderland"!!! Thankyou Nicholas!

-Sheri DeBow


Everyone should own at least one piece of art by Nicolas Caesar. I own 4, you'd better catch up! If you like critters of all sorts....cupcakes, bugs, cats, ghosts, robots, skeletons, bacon (?), monkeys, devils, cats, owls, octopus (pi?), spiders, weird girls, etc.

-Chelsea Brunner Dauer


this is truly an awesome possum! Nik is a great artist & fine human being!

- Debzart


She came to today!!!!!!!
and she sooooooooooo damn WICKED.......Dude I sooooooo love her!!!....She is already up and on my Wall
Thanks for the trade......Made me a super happy Chick


The pieces . . .

. . you sent me are AWESOME! I reeived them a couple of days ago. Thanks SO much!

-Adam M. Taylor


I got it! Super speedy. It looks incredible! (I held it up to our livingroom wall--it's red--and the piece just goes so well in there.)
Thanks again.


Just received the pieces today and am extremely happy and proud to own them.
I was overwhelmed with how amazing the pieces are in real life. The pictures of the artwork just doesn't prepare you for the actual piece ^.^
Tomorrow they will be hung and you'll be able to see a picture :)
Thank you for the extras!!!!!

- Beloved Munster


We received our painting and we just love it, thanks. My wife says it kind of looks like me.

- Jerry Brown


I received the piece yesterday.
It is awesome!!!! I can't wait to hang it :D

- Spinestealer


Destructo is absolutely amazing my friend! Thanks again!!

- Pumpkin Pete - Morbid Creations 


I can't tell you how pleased my wife and I are with your work.  My 8 year old daughter loves your work as well, see was so excited when we showed her your paintings.  

- Thom "Bug" Down


All my goodies arrived safely today :~D!  The Pop Rock Cat .. rocks.  I love your art Nic, the minis are totally sweet too.  Thank you thank you!!

-Nina (Wicked Flute)


I got my paintings in the mail yesterday and hung them up already! They rock a million times more in person than on the website. I was excited the rest of the evening...they are wonderful!!! thank you so much! : )



I just got skully. I couldn't be happier!! It's perfect Nik.

you're swell  :-)

JM, colourpressink



- Beth Allen, Motley Art


Dear Nicolas,
Thank You for letting the world purchase your art.
I really love what you are doing.
The “Skull in Jar” piece that I bought came today.
So Wonderful!! I will treasure it until my death.
Now I have to find the perfect place to hang it.
Lostgoat, artist


Loved the show Nicolas! It was great meeting and talking with you as Kim said....of course, purchasing your art was even better! Thanks for taking care of Kim's B-day present/painting for me! Love it! You've got skills my friend. Your show was the best!


i love it so much its sort of ridiculous. i want to cuddle with it on the couch.



my octo arrived!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! i loves him.



My paintings came today :-)
They are amazing, i love them.
Your a great artist, and a nice guy.
Once the spider arrives he shall take prime place above MY spiders tank.
Keep up the good work.
Hopefully one day i'll be able to afford one or your larger pieces of work :-)

Jay - United Kingdom


All I have been talking about all week is that 
squirrel painting.. 
it's going to look so good in our hallway!!!!
-Kim De Young


Thank you for the wonderful sculpture. 
Such a wonderfully twisted creation. I love it. 
- Judge 

“Space Baby” arrived today, just as planned!!!!!
I have been home for a couple of hours, but I didn’t want to post about him till Bryan got here, so he could meet him too!
For those of you who have NO idea what I am talking about, you must go see for yourselves!
Spacebaby The third picture is my absolute favorite, but the last picture is awesome too. But even though the pictures are excellent, they really don’t compare to having him RIGHT HERE in person!
HUGE Thanks to Nicolas Caesar for sending him! (AND for creating him!)
I am absolutely speechless.
“Space Baby” kicks ass! He is absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like him, but I absolutely LOVE him! Bryan is also in awe, and hasn’t put him down since he got home.
And the timing is absolutely perfect too. Having “Space Baby” to look after is the perfect diversion for both of us right now!



thanks for mcgee!
i love the red!
soooo cute!

- Suzi Boneshaker


i love my painting

- Michael Monster


Got the piece in today.
Love it! Love it! Love it!
I want like a 100 more!

-Chuck Hodi



Thanks. Nicolas Caesar. I love it! Its going to be a conversation starter tomorrow as it's the first thing u c when u walk into my dining room.

- Rose Granelli


I got big Haired Bowie today! Absolute love. Thank you!

- Andie Bedel


Nic, Thank you so much, we love it! I will post a pic soon. Also, thanks for being so quick. Now I want serpent under moongaze, that you did with my lovely Mim. Thank you!

- Kerry O'Brien


"The distribution is: Max gets [the secret one], I'm keeping Mars man and the fluttery fly... Loretto gets the other 4. You know Nik, these paintings become a pure personal treasure. I, as I know Loretto and Gina wouldn't be separated from them for anything. Possessing them goes way deeper than merely owning them. They become family; they become a truly unique and irreplaceable part of who we are and who you are. I believe that defines your as one of the great masters. Your talent and imagination are supreme~~we humbly bow to you."
- Jim Miller
"One of the greatest paintings of all time. A present from Kimberly. Done by the amazing artist Nicolas Caesar

- Luke Morse


"you rule nik!!! so radical!!!
thanks so much for the extra goodies too... you da best!!!
all the best"
- Humanburger Jones
Julian loves his painting!!!

-Ellen Adam Strommen

Best night ever! Beer with Andrew Forster and adventures a plenty. THEN! I got to see Chris Martinez who gave me the coolest painting ever by Nicolas Caesar OMFG Best best best.


"I am so in love with this. You are an amazing artist and now I have one of your paintings of my very own."

- Jennalee Stevens

"Michael gave me the painting last night. I was totally blown away man. In person the painting is just phenomenal! Thanks to the both of you!"

- Christopher Michael Slafter

I love my new painting! "Mermaid murderer" is beautiful!
- Julie Jansen
Wow! I came home from a three day work event to find not one, not two, but THREE awesome pieces of art waiting for me. Holy crow!  You sir are awesome. They will find a place of prominence upon my walls.
- Mike


Hey Nik, Thanks for the new Turtle painting! Mike gave it to me the other day and I keep forgetting to thank you for it. I love it. The twins want paintings so I'm going to look at your website. Their B-day is next week. We will be in touch!@
- Ellen Adam Strommen


I get more and more out of "The way I used to be" everytime I get a minute to enjoy it. As always, keep up the fantastic work, Dr. Nic

- Bill Trujillo


Nicolas! You are so AWESOME! Thank you so much for your lovely paintings (especially the bonus:) that was soo generous!) I love b'days and holidays cause it always means my wall of scary-art will grow!
I am just so happy right now :)

- Jen X


I got 'the undertaker' today and I absolutely love it!!!! Like always, they look even more amazing in person!!! I love the fact that you put the label on there, and also thanks for signing the back =) Man, you always send the neatest postcards and stuff...
Well, anyway...thank you , thank you , thank you!!!

-Jen X


The little one flipped over her Slappy the Fish painting. Thanks.

Gave it to her for her 6th birthday. It was priceless.

- Vincent Maietta 


"thank you so much for my little metal demon guy. itbrightening my day SO MUCH.  everything has totally
sucked lately but this made me happy! yay!
take care!"

- Becky Jaworski


Hi Nicolas!
I just wanted to let you know I got your incredible, wonderful paintings in the mail and they are already hanging in my studio!
They are incredible, they took my breath away, I love them so much!

-Madame Talbot


Perfect!  BTW, I received the other two yesterday and am very pleased.

Thanks and good luck in the future,

-Pete's Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge 


Aloha Nicolas,
The paintings came well intact today.
We have already put Aloha Girl up on the wall AND my wife likes it. The other painting she refuses to look
Thanks man!
Pleasure doing business with this guy. Do not hesitate to purchase his art. A+


hey you!! just wanted you to know that

i just picked up the painting and it is completely

amazing!!!! thank you again so much!!

-Wiccad Imagery Studio


i recieved the painting today and my mother just loves it!
thanks again!



I'm now the happiest girl with the happiest wall in the world. It's all thanks to Bean Car. Thank you ssssssssoooooooooo very much. When I found out you sold it, I cried. Literally. I had no idea you had sold it to my mom. She did good at hiding from me. You've got a brilliant mind and great talent. More than that, you're a really nice guy. Thank you.


Got my painting today! Thanks So Much Nik! Looks amazing! I'll have to take a picture of it here soon. Thanks for the finger puppet too lol :)

- Andy Nelson


I bought Octo-Pussy, showed it to my friends at work and one bought a witch painting (forgot the name, sorry)... the other friend may be purchasing something soon for his son. Your work is so, so cool. Thank you so much! I consider Octo the first in my collection. Jim :)

- Jim Miller


I got Demon Ben in the Vox silent auction last night!

-Juli Nocita


Hey Scary;   I got the package you sent, they both are awesome, I appreciate it very much. I am looking around the house for some frames and if I can't find any will buy some. Again I thank you,,,,,

- GrandpaYogert


"Art is a Virus" arrived and is beautiful! I love her!

- Julie Jansen




I got my painting and I absolutely love it!! I will be in search of a frame for it very soon. Thank you!!!!


Thank you soooooo much for the paintings! They are awesome!!! Love them.

- Kristen O.


Once again... the painting is much better in person. Thanks man.



You are seriously like my new favorite artist
You, have made my day. And I can not wait for my painting, and the future
ones I shall buy.
You rock!

- Lacey


Thank you Nick. Katie cound not have picked a more perfect birthday present for me. I love my skull!



I would like to thank you for leaving "Clucks" at the shop. I was so excited to bring him home to sit next to "Mr. Clown". I looked at your website and I really like your artwork. Once again thankyou thankyou thankyou for leaving "Clucks" with Char and Cy.


I had our mannequin in the living room hold the paintings for this pic. We
are waiting on 'the waiting room' before we decide which other pieces need
to move and how they will be shown in our house. No worries, they have gone
to a good home.
Thanks so much

queenie bought me a the hideousboi painting!
i love it. ill send you a pick of my and the painting when i hang it. its amazing, i feel like im looking into a mirror.

aaaaaaaaah OMG! this is one of the

coolest things I have every seen!!!
I'm really excited. :)

-Erica from Unwoman


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my new awesome piece of art! Love it and all the creepy crawlies on it. =) Thanks for the extras too. I look forward to buying more ;)



Hey Nic,
Trick or Treat arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you so much! It's a wonderful piece!!
The hard part is figuring

out where to hang it :)

- Kevin Klemm, The Ed Gein Collection/Girls and Corpses Magazine


Got the painting! wife went gaga over it and put it in her exercise room
and she wants more.

- Jason


The paintings came in yesterday!
Love em, love em, Love em!
They're already up on my walls!
Did I mention that I love em!
Love em!

-Chuck Hodi


Love the painting, man...looks so much better in person!

-Bill Shafer, Hyaena Gallery


garth is mine!!!!!!!!
muwahahahahahahahahhahahahaha :)
i told ya i would get my hands on him!


Thanks for the wonderful package of art i received in the mail. Also thanks for the free shipping, free painting, and free goodies. You the man !! Me and my girl are gonna start collecting scary aquatic art for our bathroom, so we'll be hitting you up again soon. Later brother!

- Frankie Babylon


Happiness is getting a Nicolas Caesar painting for xmas!! Yay me!! Mr. Nosferatu Goes to Washington is the best gift ever!
Thanks for your twisted and humorous artistic sense!

-Rachel Raks 


Wanted to let you know the Blobs are safe and sound here in Davis. We love them! (as you can see from the pic)

- Jeff P (anniversary present)


Received the painting on Friday. Looks great! Thanx again.Have a good holiday.

-"Me bizzaro Brian"


Hello beautiful family and Mr. Caesar the Bean Car has
arrived at it's new home.  I have already wrapped it
and it sits patiently under the tree.  We will send
you pics of Briana opening it and where she decides to
hang it.
It's her first piece of personal art.  Thank you.  Now
you really should talk to whoever about turning some
of it into bedding.  Teenagers would love it!
I hope ya'll have a terrific holiday and the new year
is the best yet for you and those you love.



Nicolas, "The Guys" arrived yesterday and am COMPLETELY smitten!

Thank you! Thank you! They are absolutely wonderful! :D
cfn ...



Got my painting ("Me and My Shadow") a few days ago. LOOOOOVE IT. Looks even better than I expected. I'm hanging it in my kitchen. Thanks!!!



Thanks for the comment and little drawing on the back.
We'll be back!
-Lewis (and Lauren)


Stewart arrived yesterday and That Cat showed up just now!!! YAAAAY THANK YOU!!


WE GOT IT AND WE %$#@&@*^# LOVE IT!!!
We'll probably want another next year sometime.



Love my boo's! My sister started singing:
Just the Boo of us
We can make it if we try
Just the Boo of us, just the Boo of us
Just the Boo of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the Boo of us, you and I



I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it very, very much!..
Thank you.

- Beth Allen, Motley Art